Neo-Nationalism and Universities: Politics, Policy and Higher Education


Neo-Nationalism and Universities offers the first significant examination of the rise of Neo-Nationalism and its impact on the missions, activities, behaviors, and productivity of major leading national universities. This book also presents the first major comparative exploration of the role of national politics and norms in shaping the role of universities in nation-states, and vice versa, and discusses when universities are societal leaders or followers -- in promoting a civil society, facilitating talent mobility, in researching challenging social problems, or in reinforcing and supporting an existing social and political order. Universities have been at the forefront of both national development and global integration. They undoubtedly will continue to play this dual role. But the political and policy world in which they operate is undergoing a transition, reflective of a significant change in domestic politics and international relations – a populist turn inwards among a key group of major nations such as China and Hong Kong, Turkey, Hungary, Russia, the UK and the US. This includes attacks on civil liberties and free speech, the firing or jailing of academics, and anti-immigrant rhetoric and restrictions on visas with consequences for the mobility of academic talent. We may be entering an era that will alter the flow of global talent, the opportunities for joint research and for shared research agendas across national borders. There is also the reality or prospectus of declining institutional autonomy, new infringements on academic freedom, and new restrictions on the financial vitality of public universities. The book explores the concept that universities are important windows for understanding the political nature and trajectory of nations.

With chapter contributions by

Brendan O'Malley
Wilhelm Krull and Thomas Brunotte
Marijk van der Wende
Igor Chirikov and Igor Fedyukin
Karin Fischer
Bryan Penprase
Rahul Choudaha, Cecil Hoareau McGrath, and Richard Edelstein


PREFACE: Something is Going On

John Aubrey Douglass (Research Professor UC Berkeley)

Chapter 1: Introductory Essay – Neo Nationalism and Universities: A Conceptual Model

John Aubrey Douglass (Research Professor UC Berkeley)

Chapter 2: The Mystery of Brexit: Tumult and Fatigue in British Higher Education

Brendan O’Malley (Editor University World News)

Chapter 3: Trumpian Nationalism and American Universities

John Aubrey Douglass (Research Professor UC Berkeley)

Chapter 4: Turbulent Times: Intellectual and Institutional Challenges for Universities in Germany, Hungary and Poland

Wilhelm Krull (Secretary General of the Volkswagen Foundation) and Thomas Brunotte (Executive Officer Volkswagen Foundation)

Chapter 5: Neo-Nationalism and Universities in Europe

Marjik van der Wende (Professor Higher Education Utrecht University)

Chapter 6: Turkish Academics in the Era of Erdoğan

Brendan O’Malley (Editor University World News)

Chapter 7: Nationalism Revived: China’s Universities Under President Xi

Karin Fischer (Chronicle of Higher Education and Research Associate Center for Studies in Higher Education UC Berkeley)

Chapter 8: Balancing Nationalism and Globalism - Higher Education in Singapore and Hong Kong

Bryan E. Penprase (Dean of Faculty Soka University) and John Aubrey Douglass (Research Professor UC Berkeley)

Chapter 9: The Role of Universities in Putin’s Russia: Reinforcing the State

Igor Chirikov (Senior Researcher Center for Studies in Higher Education UC Berkeley) and Igor Fedyukin (Higher School of Economic Moscow)

Chapter 10: Neo-Nationalism on Global Talent Mobility

Rahul Choudaha (Executive Vice President StudyPortals) Cecile Hoareau McGrath (Senior Researcher EcorysUK) Richard Edelstein (Research Associate Center for Studies in Higher Education UC Berkeley), John Aubrey Douglass (Research Professor UC Berkeley)

Publication date: 
December 20, 2020
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