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ROPS Special Thematic Issue: Neo-Nationalism and Universities Updates


Since the publication of Neo-Nationalism and Universities: Populists, Autocrats, and the Future of Higher Education(link is external) (Johns Hopkins University Press, Open Access), national and geopolitical events continue to pose challenges for universities, including Putin’s war on Ukraine, increased autocratic control in many parts of the world, a rising tide of neo-nationalist parties and politicians, and now the tragic eruption of the Israeli-...

ROPS Special Thematic Issue: Reflections on the Challenges of Representation and Academic Freedom


CSHE is devoted to supporting open and civil debate on key issues facing higher education. The ROPS contribution posted below by Steven Brint and Komi Frey discusses the University of California policies and practices of using DEI statements in the hiring and advancement of faculty, and how these policies and practices intersect with academic freedom as well as broader issues related to the contemporary academic culture of universities—what some may view as a controversial issue within the academy.

Because the editors of ROPS anticipated differing views regarding their analysis, and...

Creating a Great Public University: The History and Influence of Shared Governance at the University of California by John Aubrey Douglass, CSHE 4. 2023 (October 2023)

John Aubrey Douglass

Since establishing its first campus in 1868, the University of California (UC), California’s landgrant university, developed into the nation’s first multicampus systemin the United States, and is today widely recognized as the world’s premier network of public research universities. This short essay provides a...

Student Engagement in a Brazilian Research University, by Ana Maria Carneiro and Camila Fior, CSHE.3.23 (June 2023)

Ana Maria Carneiro, Camila Fior

Research universities enable students to have a unique learning environment and other experiences. This article aims to analyze student engagement in one research university in Brazil, the effects of student socioeconomic and academic characteristics and their associations with university structures (curriculum), and student trajectories. The data comes from the Student Experience in the Research University, an international survey administered in 2012 at the University of Campinas and longitudinal academic registers. The study used both Principal Component Analysis and also Multiple...

Strengthening the Liberal Arts Along the Pacific Rim: The Pacific Alliance of Liberal Arts Colleges (PALAC) by Bryan E. Penprase and Thomas Schneider, CSHE 2.23 (April 2023)

Bryan Edward Penprase, Thomas Schneider

While international alliances among research universities are relatively well established, the challenges for the small liberal arts college to execute a meaningful global collaboration can be much more difficult, due both to the much smaller size of the institution, its more limited resources, and its smaller and more intimate culture centered on undergraduate teaching and learning. A new alliance of liberal arts colleges known as the Pacific Alliance of Liberal Arts Colleges (PALAC) was established in 2021 with the purpose to better articulate the global components of liberal arts...

The Attractiveness of European Higher Education Systems: A Comparative Analysis of Faculty Remuneration and Career Paths by Alice Civera, Erik E. Lehmann, Michele Meoli & Stefano Paleari, CSHE.1.23 (March 2023)

Alice Civera; Erik E. Lehmann; Michele Meoli; Stefano Paleari

The academic professoriate is a determinant of successful higher education systems. Yet, recently, worsening conditions of employment, deteriorating salaries, and threats to job security have made the academic profession less attractive, especially to young scholars, in several countries. This paper investigates the salaries as well as the recruitment and retention procedures in public higher education institutions from a cross country perspective. The UK, Germany, France, and Italy are adopted as case studies to determine the attractiveness of European higher education systems. The...

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